Wireless Vision Acquires Catcorp Inc


tBLOOMFIELD HILLS—With the acquisition of Catcorp Inc. this week, Wireless Vision, T-Mobile USA’s largest T-Mobile Premium Retailer, is in the midst of significant expansion. Now operating close to 200 T Mobile-branded retail locations across 13 states, this acquisition is an integral step in the company’s growth strategy.

t“Our passion for growth is fueled by our desire to build a world class sales and service culture focusing on our customers’ needs,” said Saber Ammori, CEO, Wireless Vision. “We are excited about our future as we continue to strengthen our business with T-Mobile. The acquisition of Catcorp is a milestone for Wireless Vision as we near opening our 200th retail location.”

tFrom humble beginnings in a basement office beneath a dentist clinic with a team of just five employees, in eight years the company has grown to 971 employees nationwide, 104 of which are based in the Detroit metro area. The expansion has also brought Wireless Vision to their new headquarters on Woodward Avenue in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

t“We thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with T-Mobile and look forward to watching the continued growth of our team members and locations under the direction of Wireless Vision,” said Carl Ducato, President, Catcorp.

tBased in Tulsa, Okla., privately-held Catcorp currently owns and operates 40 T-Mobile-branded locations in Atlanta, Miami, Tulsa, Wichita and Springfield, Mo. All Catcorp employees within the 40 affected locations will be offered positions with Wireless Vision.

t“We thank Catcorp for their contributions to the T-Mobile Premium Retailer program and wish them well in their new ventures,” said Michael Sentowski, vice president of national dealer programs, T-Mobile USA. “With Wireless Vision, we are confident in the continuation of customer service excellence as well as employee development and growth.”