Welding Begins for M-1 Track for Streetcar Project


DETROIT—The M-1 Rail streetcar project has set up an assembly line near Cass Avenue in Midtown Detroit to weld steel rail into nearly 40 560-foot-long “strings” of continuously welded rail. 

Using a track excavator, 80-foot pieces of rail are moved from the recently-delivered stock of steel onto an assembly line; some prep grinding is done by hand, then the rail is pulled through to a flash butt welder. 

As many as seven construction workers participate in the welding operation; the M-1 Rail crew is collaboration between Construction Manager Stacy & Witbeck Inc., Detroit-based Farrow Group Inc., and Crystal Lake Illinois-based Holland LLC.

The 560-foot-long strings of continuously welded rail will eventually be moved onto Woodward Avenue in preparation for track installation.

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