Webasto Roof Systems Inc. Continues Their Carbon Footprint Reduction Program with the Help of Amerisource Industrial Supply


Rochester Hills and Plymouth, Mich., January 16, 2009 – Webasto Roof Systems Inc. Rochester Hills Assembly and Livonia Stamping / Roof Preparation facilities are aggressively pursuing a program to reduce their carbon footprint and help improve their impact on the environment. After all, they manufacture the majority of the vehicle roof systems in the cars we drive- which expose us to the outside air. Hamtramck, Michigan-based AmeriSource Industrial Supply Company has provided valuable support for this program by replacing the company’s washroom dispensers and providing ecologically friendly washroom paper products made from 100% recycled content.

Webasto Roof System Inc. President and CEO Brett Healy is directing the company to embrace beneficial ecological and environmental changes through the implementation of an ABC (Action, Balance, Creativity) program that emphasizes increased Recycling, Utility Use Reduction, and a Scrap Reclamation Program as key objectives for the Company’s “Vision”.

Under the direction and mentorship of Mr. Jeff Stecher- Vice President of Operations, Mr. John Bul, CMRP- Commercial Manager Michigan Operations has been tasked with the development of an Energy Management and Utility Reduction Plan, as well as active participation in the Recycling and Scrap Reclamation initiatives.

Webasto Roof Systems Inc. has already taken energy-saving steps to upgrade lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of overall illumination. John Bul, Webasto’s Commercial Manager of Michigan Operations points out, “Energy savings more than pay for lighting upgrades over the course of a few years but the real winner is the environment because while Webasto is saving money, the actions result in cleaner air for all of us to enjoy. In addition, Webasto has focused on reducing water consumption by installing waterless urinals in their washrooms. This change resulted in an immediate reduction in water consumption. The old urinals used a gallon of water for every flush and Webasto is now saving an estimated 260,000 gallons of water per year”.

Bul adds, “Through further analysis of washroom operations, it became apparent that replacing the washroom paper products with TORK brand EcoLogo labeled roll towels and toilet tissue provided additional ecological benefits as well as cost savings. Working with Tim Johns, Lou Ray and Tom Currie of AmeriSource Industrial Supply, Webasto replaced all of the washroom dispensers to accommodate the more ecologically friendly washroom paper products. The products of choice are provided by SCA Tissue North America LLC.  The new toilet tissue and hand towels are made from 100% recycled content and require less energy and water to manufacture and produce less pollution.  As an added bonus, this change reduced Webasto’s overall commodity costs by nearly 15% annually.

Webasto Roof Systems Inc. is continuing to research other opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint, including Green purchasing initiatives, recycling raw and post-process materials, efficient manufacturing processes, transportation cost savings, reduction of waste to landfill, energy consumption reduction, and alternative power / renewable energy. AmeriSource Industrial Supply continues to provide Webasto with their specific know-how and expertise in achieving future carbon footprint reducing goals and objectives.

Webasto Roof Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Webasto AG, one of the world’s largest suppliers of roof systems and thermosystems to the automotive industry. The 104-year-old company is based in Stockdorf, Germany, and employs more than 6,000 people in over 40 countries. For additional information, please visit http://www.webasto.com/ 

AmeriSource Industrial Supply Company is a full-line industrial supply distributor focused on consumable supplies for plant maintenance, repair and operations. The company is headquartered in Hamtramck, Michigan with satellite facilities in Memphis, Tennessee and North Fond DuLac, Wisconsin.