Walsh College President Joins Council on Competitiveness


TROY – Walsh College president Stephanie Bergeron has accepted an invitation to join the Council on Competitiveness, a non-profit, non-partisan policy think tank consisting exclusively of college and university presidents, corporate CEO’s and national labor leaders – focused on building a more competitive national economy.

Founded in 1986, the Council on Competitiveness endeavors to set an agenda to drive U.S. productivity and leadership in world markets and to raise the standard of living for all Americans. The Council’s flagship initiative, the U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative, seeks to create comprehensive solutions that will result in more American jobs, economic growth, and national security.

Now entering its third year, the council’s Technology Leadership and Strategy Initiative works to foster productive private-public research partnerships and to commercialize technology more effectively. The initiative is designed to create new jobs and firms, drive economic growth and solve some of America’s greatest challenges in health, energy and security.

“As we prepare students for success in a globalized economy, it’s imperative that educators not only provide the tools to compete, but promote solution-driven critical thinking essential to solving economic challenges as they emerge,” said Walsh College President Stephanie Bergeron.  “The Council on Competitiveness studies and forecasts economic trends and defines and promotes effective solutions to stimulate job growth and economic development. We use council reports in our classrooms, within our MBA program and in our economic strategy courses, because they embody the kind of thinking our students need to understand to help shape the future of America. I am honored to be invited to join the council and look forward to taking an active role in the organization.”

“We are thrilled to have Walsh College president Stephanie Bergeron join the Council and add her important voice to the Council’s private sector membership working to enhance America’s competitiveness. People are our country’s greatest asset and under president Bergeron’s stewardship, Walsh College is helping to train the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders,” said Deborah L. Wince-Smith, Council president.