Walsh College Makes Changes to MBA, MS Programs


Walsh College in Troy has made several changes to its Master of Business Administration and Master of Science graduate degree programs in an effort to better meet the changing needs of students.

“Walsh tailors programs to the working professional: those individuals that are working full-time during the day, and balancing the demands of family and their education at night,” says Brenda Meller, spokeswoman for Walsh College, where more than 90 percent of students attend part-time and have other jobs or responsibilities.

The new MBA, modeled on the programs of the top 10 part-time MBA programs in the U.S., consists of 42 student credit hours, whereas before the program required up to 57 credit hours.

“Because of the need to balance school and other obligations, prospective students will find the 2+2 Walsh course offering to be an attractive option,” Meller says. “The 2+2 delivery method includes two hours in the classroom each week, with the remainder of coursework completed online.

The college has also made changes to its Master of Science programs in finance, information technology leadership, and information technology, which were redesigned in conjunction with the MBA, Meller says. “The MS degree programs share essential courses with the MBA program to allow for greater focus and efficiency.  Thus, the MS can function as a “super-concentration,” she says.

MBA students can now pursue a dual degree with an MS in finance, marketing, management, or information technology leadership. The dual degrees require four to six courses beyond the MBA.

New programs include the Master of Science in Management and Master of Science in Marketing.

The enhanced programs will roll out this fall, says Meller, noting that students currently enrolled in a Walsh program may continue with their current program, or they may choose to transfer into any of the new programs.

For more information, visit walshcollege.edu