VernDale Products Opens New Detroit Plant


DETROIT— VernDale Products, a national provider of roller-dried whole milk powder, has opened its new Weaver Street facility in Detroit.

The new plant will nearly double the whole milk powder production capacity of the company, bring 10-15 new jobs, and economic benefit to the city of Detroit. The plant will operate around the clock, seven days a week, to process over 400,000 pounds of locally-sourced milk per day into about 50,000 pounds of roller-dried whole milk powder.

“This plant has been in the making for several years. It is amazing to see how the planning and hard work of so many people has come together to make this dream come true,” said Dale Johnson, president and part owner of VernDale.

Johnson says consumer preference for a more European-style chocolate flavor has increased the demand for the whole milk powder created with the unique roller dried technique developed by VernDale. The new Weaver Street facility will add processing capacity to meet current customer demand, and allow for future growth opportunities for VernDale’s products.

“This expansion project has so many positives for Detroit, and underscores the opportunities available for Michigan’s agri-food businesses,” said Jamie Clover Adams, director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. “VernDale Products took an abandoned plant, and through public and private partnership, is creating jobs and investment in Detroit. It’s a wonderful economic development story for Detroit and our food and agriculture industry.”

“Listening to customer demands is a sure-fire way to staying successful,” said Michael A. Finney, CEO and president of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. “By keeping a pulse on what its customer want, VernDale has a found a way to continue expanding and succeeding.  With more than 50 years in Detroit, and Michigan, it’s a company we’re proud to call one of our own.”

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