Unusual Ad Lands Waterford Business on 'The Late Show'


WATERFORD — Waterford’s Performance Line Tool Center caught the attention of The Late Show with David Letterman Monday night for a creative advertisement offering a “Great Big Hooker” and a “Crack Hoe.”

The Performance Line Tool Center advertisement for “Hookers” and “Hoes” was an ad for this past weekend at their Bi-Annual Contractor and Woodworking Demo Days featured in the Oakland Press. Among dozens of tools advertised for the weekend show were the Tool Aid Hookers, made for easily reaching small parts, and the Marshalltown Crack Hoe, made to break up dirt and debris.

“When you’re given Hookers and Hoes, you have to sell them,” said Jim Armstrong, owner of Performance Line Tool Center. “I didn’t decide how to name the items I sell, but I definitely know how to get my customers attention. The goal was to get people talking and clearly it worked. In a competitive business you have to do the little things to get noticed.”

Performance Line Tool Center puts on tool shows bi-annually where they host vendors to give metro Detroit the largest selection of tools to choose from and the highest quality service. Performance Line Tool Center is located in Waterford.

“We also have tools to help you hammer, nail, and screw things, but I thought that might have been going too far,” Armstrong said. “It is great to be noticed, even if Mr. Letterman said on his Small Town News segment, ‘What is this? Get out of here.’ We’re proud to boast a small business in Michigan’s economy.”