U.S. Navy Unveils Crest of the New USS Detroit

U.S. Navy Unveils Crest of the New USS Detroit

DETROIT — The U.S. Navy today unveiled the crest of the sixth Naval warship named for the city of Detroit at a special ceremony held at the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority on East Atwater. The unveiling of a ship’s crest marks an important step in the life of a U.S. Naval vessel.

The ceremony’s participants included Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, John Jamain, executive director of Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority, and Barbara Levin, the ship’s sponsor.

The USS Detroit will be one of the Navy’s newest combat ships when she joins the fleet in 2016. The ship is under construction in Wisconsin and is scheduled to be launched and christened this summer. The first USS Detroit was a 12-gun ship, built by the British at Malden, Canada in 1813 and captured by the U.S. Navy in the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813.

The symbolism behind the crest includes:

The shield: The background quartering is a partial depiction of the flag of the City of Detroit. The yellow trident displaying lightning bolt tines symbolizes the modern power of today’s Navy. The winged tire recalls Detroit’s long-time connection to the automotive industry.

The crest: The array of stars signifies that this is the sixth ship named for the City of Detroit.  The contemporary ship’s anchor is a symbol of today’s modern Navy, while the mine demonstrates underwater warfare.

The motto: Black is the color for might, and determination; yellow signifies the four virtues of nobleness, goodwill, vigor, and magnanimity. The motto, “Swift Vigilance,” and the mako sharks serve to demonstrate the speed, preparedness, and perseverance required for anti-submarine warfare.

The sword and cutlass represent surface warfare capabilities and the dedicated crew of USS Detroit.


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