Two Proposed Michigan House Bills Puts 2,500 Michigan Jobs at Risk, and Further Tax its Residents


PLYMOUTH, Mich., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Two proposed Michigan House Bills (HB 5389 & HB 5388) will mean more taxes levied on Michigan consumers and companies. These bills will also single-out Michigan companies, putting them at a significant competitive disadvantage, and will drive more jobs out of the state.

Michigan House Bill #HB 5389, introduced by Rep. George Cushingberry, of Detroit, proposes that a 20 cents per gallon excise tax be levied against every gallon of Michigan ground water which is then bottled for sale and consumption. The impact of such legislation will amount to a 16% tax increase for Michigan residents on a case of bottled water. This, coupled with Michigan House Bill #HB 5388, also introduced by Rep. Cushingberry, which proposes a 1 cent excise tax on every bottle of water sold in Michigan, will amount to a 22% Tax at the register on a case of Michigan-produced bottled water.

Furthermore, in addition to the tax effect on Michigan’s already beleaguered consumers, the proposed 20 cents per gallon tax will only be levied against companies with Michigan spring sources, and not those importing bottled water from out-of-state, or out of the country. This would give imports a competitive advantage over Michigan bottlers, and likely drive those same bottlers from the state to become competitive, costing Michigan an additional 2,500 local jobs.

These two pieces of legislation amount to punitive taxes for bottling companies operating in the state, as well as for those Michigan residents who prefer Michigan bottled spring water as the healthy alternative to meet their daily hydration needs.

Any consumers that wish to put an end to this and other senseless legislation being considered as a way to meet Michigan government’s anticipated revenue shortfall, and who want their voices heard, should contact their state representative and let their opinion be known. A complete list of Michigan’s state representatives can be found at:

The health and financial welfare of both Michigan’s citizens and Michigan companies cannot afford the far reaching effects that such legislation would create.

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