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LIVONIA, Mich. Sept. 14, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE:TRW) is demonstrating its leadership in cognitive – or intelligent – safety solutions designed for a full range of vehicles, at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), International Motorshow, in Frankfurt, Germany, which will open tomorrow.

John Plant, TRW Automotive president and chief executive officer, explained: “At IAA this year we’re demonstrating how TRW is ‘putting the thinking into safety’. We’re taking an elevated approach to safety in three ways: through our advanced, intelligent systems; by improving the value of and offering more affordable solutions; and by offering a range of innovative fuel efficient systems to meet global efforts to reduce the impact of harmful emissions on our environment.”

TRW Automotive’s stand focuses on these three key areas which underpin Cognitive Safety: ‘Advanced Thinking’, ‘Green Thinking’ and ‘Smart Thinking’.

Executive vice president of sales & business development, Peter Lake, remarked: “With Advanced Thinking, we’re demonstrating to IAA visitors how we use our suite of sensors to integrate radar, video, steering, brakes, crash sensors and more. For example, TRW is announcing new enhanced features to its video camera sensor including Following Distance Indication, High Beam / Low Beam control, Traffic Sign Recognition and more.”

TRW is also highlighting a number of key technologies which deliver class leading fuel efficiency beyond powertrain, including electrically assisted steering and hybrid enabling braking technologies in addition to systems which support driver behavior such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Guide.

Under the banner of ‘Smart Thinking’, TRW is unveiling a number of new technologies which represent its focus on affordable safety solutions and creating value.

Plant continued: “It’s not just about developing advanced technology for the luxury vehicle segment. We’re innovating new products for all of our customers and for all markets. We are achieving this through integration or smart networking between functions, and scalability. One example is TRW’s new integrated Airbag Control Unit which integrates frontal, side and rollover airbag sensors in addition to the inertial sensors – presenting a viable way to reduce the number of ECUs in the vehicle and helping to reduce installation effort, weight, packaging and ultimately cost.

“As weight is also a key factor in developing more fuel efficient vehicles, it’s part of our strategy to realize weight savings across all areas of our business. TRW has achieved a 50 per cent weight reduction in its airbag modules over the previous few years which have furthermore resulted in packaging and cost savings,” concluded Plant.

  Technology highlights include:

  Advanced Thinking
  Enhanced video camera sensor to support lane departure warning and
  lane keeping systems, forward collision warning, forward distance
  indication, traffic sign recognition, high/low beam control and
  pedestrian detection.
  Pre-Crash Side Impact System: Side impact sensors supporting blind
  spot warning and enhancing airbag functionality.
  GPS data being used for curve prediction and linked to ACC and video.
  Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Collision Mitigation Braking
  (CMB): combines forward looking radar and video systems to provide
  autonomous emergency braking if a collision becomes unavoidable. AEB
  is intended for higher speed driving and CMB for city driving
  Steering Torque Control: Combining Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  with Electrically Powered Steering (EPS) to provide oversteer and
  understeer support.

  Smart Thinking
  Next generation Airbag Control Unit (ACU) with integrated inertial
  sensors - eliminating the need for a stand alone inertial sensing
  Next generation Slip Control Unit with integrated inertial sensors -
  eliminates components and can thereby realize significant cost
  Initial Safety Domain ECU (i-SDE) concept - part of TRW's next airbag
  platform which allows for the integration of a range of electronic
  control functions for active and passive safety.
  ACR2 Basic - a new, cost optimized active seatbelt retractor offering
  a simplified electronic architecture due to its integration with the
  airbag control unit.
  Integrated Electric Park Brake (EPBi) - eliminates the requirement for
  a separate ECU due to its integration with the Electronic Stability
  Control ECU.
  New DI-10 driver airbag module and SHI2 curtain airbag module
  realizing 50% weight savings over previous technologies.
  Scalable 24 GHz mid range radar supporting distance and collision
  warning, collision mitigation braking, follow to stop adaptive cruise
  control ("ACC"), activation of reversible restraint systems and
  Scalable ACU - TRW's low cost airbag control unit for emerging markets
  can be adapted within a platform to offer two options - standard and
  enhanced in order to satisfy domestic and export aspirations.

  Green Thinking
  Braking: TRW's Electronic Stability Control-Regenerative (ESC-R) and
  Slip Control Boost (SCB) are compatible with regenerative braking
  systems for HEVs.
  Steering: TRW's Electric Powered Steering and Electrically Powered
  Hydraulic Steering systems offer considerable fuel/emission benefits.
  Driver Assist Systems: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Guide and systems
  linked with GPS data all have a positive impact on fuel consumption.
  Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) inform the driver when tires
  are under inflated to improve rolling resistance and reduce fuel
  consumption by up to 2%.
  Climate Control: TRW's Efficient Comfort Control system minimizes
  energy draw on vehicle powertrains - contributing up to 5% fuel
  efficiency gains.

The Company’s exhibit at the Frankfurt IAA show in September will bring TRW’s capabilities to life through high tech presentations, demonstrations and simulations. The stand can be found at booth F18 in Hall 8.

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