Celebrates the Holidays and its 33rd Year in Business with a Unique Holiday Trade Expo


OAK PARK, MI – – Michigan’s largest barter exchange company – is holding an Holiday Expo trade exchange at the Southfield Civic Center on Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. where some 2,000 members are expected to get a jump on holiday shopping without using cash or credit cards.

“Even when times are tough we can help businesses during the Holidays buy and sell what they need without using cash,” said Frederic Detwiler, President and CEO.  “Surveys indicate companies are cutting back on Holiday entertainment and gifts for employees – not so with TradeFirst members who are using barter to make this Holiday Season bright.”

“Entrepreneurs look to Tradefirst to grow their businesses with our immediate access to over 5,000 member companies and 15,000 card holders,” said Detwiler, who noted his company is wrapping up its 33rd year of success in operating the trade. has made barter ultra-modern and easy to do with unique technology. Trade members who want to fill tables in their restaurants, book hotel rooms, increase patient loads or generate new clients are using Tradefirst to immediately connect with more than 15,000 Tradefirst card holders. Even professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists are using the company to bolster their business, explained Detwiler.

“Tradefirst members can use their member swipe cards to eat at restaurants or purchase just about anything you can with cash or a credit card,” said Steve Schroder, Director of Media at Tradefirst. He added: “Using the latest technology the ‘trade dollars’ are automatically exchanged among member accounts for each transaction and we provide on-line statements of account similar to a credit card company.”

TradeFirst has clients covering the range of goods and services needed for the holidays. The company has also expanded its travel division so trade members can vacation throughout Michigan, the country as well as exotic locals such as Cabo, Mexico and the Virgin Islands – all on trade. holds Holiday Expo

“New members to Tradefirst are reporting great success with some generating $5,000 to up to $500,000 in new business they attribute to their Tradefirst relationship. In 2010, Tradefirst conducted nearly $40 million in transactions,” said Schroder. He added that the company introduced a new tagline for its anniversary: “The Smart Money is on Tradefirst…the new business currency.”

Tradefirst was founded in May of 1978 and has been an industry pioneer. Tradefirst is headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan and has offices in Chicago, Toledo, Ohio and, Pompano, Florida. The company has more than 15,000 card holders across North America and the Caribbean. For more information please visit www.Tradefirst.Com.