Tomkiw Enwright Obtains Judgment in Favor of Cranbrook


ROYAL OAK — The law firm of Tomkiw Enwright, PLC has obtained a $1,040,000 judgment in favor of Cranbrook Financial Group, Inc., which brought suit against one of its insurance agents, Andrew C. Brandimarte, for violating the terms of his non- competition and confidentiality obligations.

Brandimarte was hired by Cranbrook Financial Group in 2005 as a Group Sales Consultant. Pursuant to the terms of his employment, Brandimarte agreed that he would work exclusively for Cranbrook Financial Group and that he would remit all monies coming into his possession to the company. During the course of his employment, Brandimarte violated the terms of his non-competition and confidentiality obligations by starting a competing enterprise, misappropriating company assets, and utilizing proprietary information for his own personal gain.

“This is a classic example of an employee being under the impression that his restrictive covenant is not enforceable and paying a high price,” said attorney Andrey Tomkiw. “This proves that a properly drafted restrictive covenant, coupled with the correct legal strategy, makes these documents highly enforceable.”

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