Tognum America Named 'Best and Brightest'


NOVI — Tognum America Inc., was named one of the 101 companies as ‘Best and Brightest’  in metro Detroit by the Michigan Business Professional Association being recognized as one of best companies to work in.  The award is measured on employee satisfaction and human resources.

“Our employees are our greatest resource,” said Thomas Koenig, president of Tognum America. “Our corporate success largely depends on having a workforce that feels valued, motivated and fulfilled. We strive to ensure that our company is a place where employees can be proud to go to each day and we are honored to be a part of the MBPA’s 101 Best and Brightest for the fifth time.”

The association selects awardees on 12 key measures, such as compensation, benefits and employee solutions, employee enrichment, engagement and retention, diversity and inclusion, and work-life balance.

“We take great pride in the culture of mutual respect and trust that we’ve created for our employees,” said Patrick Kapusta, director of human resources for Tognum America. “Only by continually encouraging our employees to develop to their full potential, improve their overall health and wellness, and maintain good work-life balance are we able to position ourselves as an attractive employer for both potential and current employees.”