TMV Group Continues to Grow, Relocates to Royal Oak


ROYAL OAK — The TMV Group, an integrated branding, marketing, and advertising agency has a new home in Royal Oak. Previously based in Birmingham, TMV now occupies a building at 124 Hudson St., just east of Main. The new facility gives TMV a more productive working space that is a unique reflection of an innovative and creatively focused business.

“Moving to Royal Oak is a great move for us,” said Scott Thornton, managing partner at TMV. “We’re freeway close to our clients and our staff is totally energized to be in an environment that’s so conducive to innovation and creativity.”

Built in the early 1950s, the 10,000 square foot facility formally served as a machine shop. Purchased in 2009 after standing vacant for years, the building was retrofitted into an industrial style loft after creative direction between TMV and the building’s architect, Jim Schneider, were agreed upon. The final product is an eye-catching structure that produces a unique and useful workspace that will eventually house up to 75 new employees.

There are even hopes that TMV could be one of Royal Oak’s newest businesses to be awarded the City’s Beautification Award later this year, adding a contemporary look to the industrial corridor. TMV will also drive business in and around the downtown district as clients, both locally and nationally, are brought in for meetings, presentations and to enjoy what Royal Oak has to offer.

For their most recent project, along with Pennsylvania-based The Holcombe Group, TMV is spearheading the global launch of Life Fitness Apparel, a new line of licensed fitness apparel from the leader in exercise equipment. The launch will feature an all new e-commerce website and full warehouse, along with third party logistics for direct-to-consumer sales. Designed by Aimee Lynn, the line is expected to be available to consumers by May 1.