The Manufacturing Institute Funds Pro-Veteran Initiative


The Manufacturing Institute, an Alma-based manufacturing training center, is partnering with the Cooper Standard Foundation of Novi for an initiative that will provide community college training in manufacturing for veterans. Macomb Community College is their initial partner college and more are expected to join throughout Michigan.

“This is not your grandfather’s manufacturing,” says Jennifer McNelly, institute president. “Manufacturing is increasingly high-tech and requires advanced skills. Companies like Cooper Standard value the experience and training of our nation’s veterans, and this program will help more vets qualify for dynamic careers in modern manufacturing.”

Veterans attending Macomb Community College wil have access to training in welding, manufacturing technology, machining, robotics, and mechatronics. Funding from the Cooper Standard Foundation will provide assistance for veterans in these manufacturing-related programs with transition services, retention support and employment search. 
Funds raised through the Careers for Veterans 200 Race at the Michigan International Speedway on Aug. 15 will be added to the initiative. 

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