The Engineering Society of Detroit Launches Initiative to Curb Engineering Shortage in Michigan


tSOUTHFIELD — Following years of economic distress, many of Michigan's golden workforce—its engineers and scientists gave up and left the state, leaving numerous well-known companies with too many job openings and not enough talent. The answer? Bring back those who left, and find ways to keep existing professionals and young graduates in Michigan.

tTo do so, The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) and its Institute along with numerous Michigan leaders and stakeholders will unveil a new initiative entitled, "Made in Michigan Pipeline" on Thursday, February 23, 2012 at the Dearborn Inn, Dearborn. The initiative, which encompasses both short-and long-term goals, is designed to groom the next generation of engineers, support the current practitioners, and bring home those who left the State. Based on a sustainable economic plan, this collaborative and inclusive plan will transform mere ideas into actionable results that will help fill the state's pipeline with a knowledgeable workforce. 

t"Just two years ago, when ESD held job fairs to match employers with engineers and technical professionals, the line of applicants was twice the job openings available. Last year, those lines of supply and demand crossed and today the gap has reversed–more openings; less people. Employers hungry to hire can't find the people they need," said Christopher J. Webb, JD, FESD, ESD Institute Director. "Our Pipeline initiative has one goal: Let's optimize people for jobs."

tNumerous leaders representing key Michigan industries, such as automotive, engineering, construction, academia, and more, will be on-hand to unveil the plan.

t"Our pipeline integrates short and long-term initiatives all geared to transforming our workforce to be the most competitive in the world while promoting lifelong learning and optimizing quality of life," said Darlene Trudell, CAE, ESD's Executive Vice President. "Every program or strategic direction of the Pipeline is designed to foster people as our greatest resource."