Taubman Institute Appoints New Scholars


ANN ARBOR — Six clinician-scientists at the University of Michigan have been appointed to the Taubman Institute’s 2014-2017 class of Taubman Scholars The six physicians, each of whom is both a practicing doctor and research scientist, are senior members of the U-M Medical School faculty. All six members will receive unrestricted grants of $150,000 per year for three years to pursue innovative advancements and studies in translational medical science.

This years six inductees into the Taubman Institute are Dr. Kathleen Collins, Dr. Pavan Reddy, Dr. Benjamin Segal, Dr. John Carethers, Dr. Sharlene Day, and Dr. Jon-Kar Zubieta. Their fields of research their Taubman grants will fund ranges neuropsychology to immunopathology to cardiomyopathy.

The Taubman Institute, founded within the University of Michigan Medical School, provides grants to clinician-scientists to explore and develop experimental treatments for life-threatening conditions and diseases. Since the Taubman Insitute’s establishment in 2008, the clinician-scientists involved in the program have initiated more than 50 human clinical trials of new therapies for a wide variety of conditions, including cancer, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and ALS.