TAG MultiMedia CTO Now Certified ‘Conversational AI’ Expert

Christine Chubenko
Christine Chubenko // Courtesy of TAG Multimedia

TAG Multimedia, an advertising company in Clawson, has announced that Christine Chubenko, its chief technology officer, recently completed certification with the Conversation Design Institute (CDI) in conversational interfaces that helps small businesses utilize artificial intelligence for online interactions.

The CDI claims to be the world’s leading training and certification institute designing for conversational interfaces. CDI’s proven workflow has been validated around the world and sets the standard for language-based interface content.

“I’ve always loved language and communication. I believe communication is the main ingredient to any kind of success, business or personal,” says Chubenko. “The conversation design certification is a perfect pairing of communication and artificial intelligence and the field where these skills are used is growing exponentially.”

Companies like Google, Daimler, Adidas, KLM, Booking.com, and many more rely on these standards and improvements to further the technology and make it as humanized, responsive, and affordable as possible.

TAG now joins that group with a practical approach to this emerging space with conversational AI avatars (CAI-Avatars), which engage visitors in a friendly, informative, service-to-scale conversation in real time.

With Chubenko’s certification, proprietors can turn to TAG when they need solutions in online commerce and brick and mortar challenges, as creating a brand experience through language nuances and proper content is a skill reserved for an elite group of global specialists.

“Christine has a long history of artificial intelligence applications and has found her niche helping small businesses make sense of this technology,” says Michelle Armstrong, president of TAG. “She continues to invest in state-of-the-art software and we are lucky to have such a dedicated professional on our team.”