Strategic Staffing Solutions Donate Backpacks, Supplies to Homeless


DETROIT —In its third year, Strategic Staffing Solutions backpack project delivered 150 backpacks directly to homeless during the holiday season.

The backpack project was the idea of Mark Van Duyne, an IT professional.

“Mark is a remarkable example of how one person can access resources and take initiative to change his station in life, and then pay it forward,” says CEO and President Cynthia J. Pasky.

Due to the success in Detroit, the backpack program is sharing the program with each of its 31 branches in the U.S. and Europe this year, as well as expansion into the Detroit metro area.

Its Detroit headquarters made financial donations to The Detroit Mounted Police, Detroit’s Eastern Market, and the Mosasic Youth Theatre. They also sponsored events for the Michigan Humane Society and The Detroit Zoo.