Specs Howard Starts Scholarship Drive to Help Students


SOUTHFIELD — Specs Howard School of Media Arts is making $125, 000 in scholarships available to individuals seeking training in technology driven courses including broadcast media arts, graphic design, and digital media arts. The success of last year’s scholarship program has caused the school to decide to make their scholarship program a permanent part of the school, officials said.

With most Metro Detroit businesses looking to enhance and develop the technical skillset of their current employees, Specs Howard will assist these Michigan owned and operated businesses by offering scholarships in the amount of $5,000 per award towards tuition for any school program. This scholarship program was created to assist individual employers and their employees, and at the same time, continue to develop the strength of the Michigan workforce, officials said.

“Educating our students is of paramount importance, and Specs Howard is thrilled to help our student’s transition into the ever changing digital world,” Lisa Zahodne, the school president, said. “Training will be in all areas including web creation and design, digital cinematography, and post production.”

Today, many companies find it necessary to farm out certain areas of their business to third party vendors because their employees simply don’t have the necessary knowledge, officials said. Now, employers will have an opportunity to train their own staff so that the business can be kept ‘in house,” according to officials. By employees upping their skill sets, officials think, employers will then be able to move with expediency on day-to-day business, thus creating a winning formula for all.

Employees must complete, and submit an application as well as a letter of request stating why they feel they are qualified for the scholarship and how it will impact their future. They must also submit a letter of recommendation from their employer stating how the training will benefit the organization.

Applications are available online at specshoward.edu/mibusiness. Candidates will be selected based on the letters of recommendation, and all candidates will need to meet the standard entrance requirements. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and the opportunity will end when all are awarded.