Snyder’s Budget Proposal Focuses on Skilled Trades, Education


LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed fiscal year 2016 budget is centered on continuing Michigan’s growth by investing in core priorities such as skilled trades and education.  

“I am proud of this budget and all the ways we are focused on creating an even stronger Michigan,” Snyder says. “It reflects an emphasis on areas I know we can not only improve upon, but lead the nation.”

The budget plan continues to drive job creation and foster student success. Michigan is poised to be a national leader in skilled trades and the budget has added resources to help achieve that goal, Snyder says. The plan also reaffirms priority on third grade reading, “helping ensure a vibrant Michigan for generations to come.”

To solve the shortfall that has resulted from previous business tax credits, the governor unveiled his executive order for reducing the budget for fiscal year 2015. He focuses on working within state government agencies to find the reductions in order to protect key priorities such as education and funding for local communities.

“We have established a great reputation for fiscal responsibility here in Michigan and this budget keeps with that tradition,” says John Roberts, the state’s budget director.

Snyder also offered a projected budget for 2017, continuing his practice of ensuring that Michigan maintains a long-range planning focus with an emphasis on fiscal responsibility.

“In partnership with the Legislature, I look forward to again getting the budget done early so that schools, local government, and others depending on state funding can have the information they need to plan their budgets,” Snyder says.