Shades Optical Celebrating 20 Years of Culture, Advanced Eye Care and Cutting-Edge Eyewear


Birmingham, Mich., January 11, 2009 – What down economy? Shades Optical, Michigan’s leading purveyor of quality eyewear and prescription lenses, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and its sales and customer loyalty are stronger than ever. “As the years pass, the styles change but our commitment remains the same – to provide our clients the best care, the best experience and the ultimate in product,” says Shades founder Dr. William Koppin, OD, known to his clients and the community as Dr. Bill. “Shades has always been about creating a community – about bringing people together and offering a total experience.”

From its inception Shades has been committed to a culture of innovation and excellence in technologically advanced eyewear. Last year Shades became one of the first optical centers to offer Computer Eyes, a comprehensive solution for computer vision. Shades also excels at progressive lenses, ensuring their proper cut and adjustment and creating lenses that offer a natural, comfortable progressive vision. Such a high level of quality control is possible because Shades owns and operates its own lab, guaranteeing the highest quality prescription finishings and timely turnaround.

Since Dr. Bill carved his niche in the fashion eyewear industry in 1989 by opening Shades in Birmingham, Shades has been known for its precision lenses and for always carrying the hottest frames, with brands such as Ditta, Orgreen, Barton Perreira, Anne et Valentine and Oliver Peoples, which Shades offers exclusively in the area. For more than two decades, Shades’ attention to detail in its prescriptions, the quality and advanced technology of its materials and equipment, and, most importantly, its dedication to its clients has allowed the store to thrive, even in the midst of Michigan’s worst economy in decades.

“So much of what has made our success at Shades is our culture and community, built by our customers,” says Dr. Bill. “Many of them have been with us since the beginning. Without them, the last 20 years would have been a lot less fun.” Indeed, where Shades really stands out is in the experience it creates for its customers. Dr. Bill is dedicated to utilizing the latest advancements in optometry in order to give his patients the full range of eyewear options and ensure the very best lifestyle choices. Each individual receives extensive personal attention to match the right lenses with the right frames for him or her.

And Shades’ cultural events are their own phenomenon. The store hosts regular events, including the current Shades-curated exhibit SPECTACLE 20/20, which showcases the history of classic eyewear design, including pieces from Shades clients’ private collections. The exhibit remains on view until March 10. Shades Optical offers the highest quality lenses paired with the most stylish frames. Love your glasses more!