Severstal North America Creates Community Advisory Board


DEARBORN — Severstal North America, a steel producer in the United States and a subsidiary of Severstal, a global steel and mining company, will create a community advisory council in Dearborn that will connect the company with organizations, local, and national non-profit groups, as well as educators and other community leaders. The new council stems from talks initiated by Severstal following a series of recent plant tours and town hall meetings that provided an insider’s view into the company’s nearly $1.7 billion plant.

In 2004, Severstal purchased the historic Ford Rouge steelmaking plant out of bankruptcy. The company is one of the largest employers in Wayne County with production capacity of 2.5 million tons of automotive-grade flat rolled steel, according to company officials. Severstal’s modernization boosted the efficiency of the plant, further reduced emissions, and increased its ability to produce advanced high-strength steels for a variety of markets and applications.