Severstal North America Celebrates 10 Years


DEARBORN — Severstal North America, steel producers in the U.S. and a subsidiary of Severstal, celebrates its 10 year anniversary in Michigan.

In efforts to keep Rouge Steel from closing, Severstal purchased the plant in 2004 and continued employment for approximately 1,600 Michigan residents.

“The city of Dearborn is glad that Severstal has become such an important part of the community,” said Dearborn Mayor, Jack O’Reily. “Since 2004, Severstal has invested tremendously in our region and in our city, keeping alive the great manufacturing legacy of the State of MIchigan. We’re looking to many more years of a successful partnership.”

On behalf of the entire company, CEO of Severstal North America Saikat Dey extended his gratitude for the support throughout the years.

“Severstal has truly become the premier benchmark of a manufacturing renaissance and we will continue to look for ways to invest in the region, both through job creation and operational excellence,” Dey said.

“Over 9,000 direct and indirect jobs are dependent on the success of our company, as we infuse over $1 billion dollars annually in the Michigan economy through our purchases, whether buying iron ore from the mines of the Upper Peninsula or consuming natural gas and electricity in southeast Michigan,” Dey said. “Our steel products are used in cars produced here. And, that’s what we can proudly call ‘Made in Michigan.’ ”