Salvation Army Featured on PBS Special


DETROIT–Tune in to Detroit Public Television for a special presentation of Big Buck Night 2014, featuring The Salvation Army Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center at 8 p.m. on Jan. 30.

A celebration of Michigan’s outdoors, viewers will witness how the efforts of local hunters and conservationists help support the local community. Among the organizations featured are the center and the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger, an all-volunteer organization led by sportsmen and women concerned about making a positive difference in the community through contributions of wild game.

Just last month, the center received a 50 pound donation of ground venison from the association to help feed the men in the nonprofit’s 180-day residential rehabilitation program for adults in Detroit.

“Our mission is to help end the fight against hunger by providing venison for nourishing meals to those in need,” said Dean Hall, president of the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger. “This donation to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is part of over 30,000 lbs. of ground venison we distribute to shelters, pantries and food banks across the state of Michigan annually.”

Independently-funded, the adult rehabilitation center receives no assistance from the government, raising funds primarily through the 34 metro Detroit Salvation Army thrift stores and its catering company that profits nearly $1 million annually, while employing the center’s beneficiaries as part of a work therapy program.