Rose Hill Center Launches Program to Treat Adults With Mental Illness, Addiction


HOLLY — Rose Hill Center, a residential psychiatric rehabilitation facility for adults with severe mental illness, has unveiled a new Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program for individuals who are suffering from mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction.

The new program, directed by vice president of programs, Cheryl Wallace, combines therapeutic strategies from the fields of both psychiatry and addiction treatment. In an effort to foster long-term mental health stability and sobriety, the Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program provides meaningful experiences and tools needed for recovery. These include educational programming, group and individual therapy, healthy mind and body activities such as yoga, art and exercise, and a 12-step recovery program.

Individuals can admit directly into the program or transition from the Rose Hill Residential Rehabilitation Program once they are psychiatrically stable enough to tolerate the stringent structure. A clinical team consisting of a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, social worker and an experienced addiction counselor will guide each patient through structured programming, therapy and other activities designed to overcome the symptoms of both the mental health disorder and the substance use disorder, and establish a foundation for lifelong recovery.

For more information, including admission criteria, contact Rose Hill Center 248-634-5530 or visit