Richard Hampson Named Principal of Arctaris Investors for Michigan and Ohio Practice

Richard Hampson headshot
Courtesy of Arctaris Investors

Arctaris Investors, a Boston-based impact investment firm, announced the addition of Richard Hampson as a principal of the firm to oversee and expand the firm’s ESG and impact investing practice in Michigan and Ohio.

Hampson brings local expertise and decades of commercial banking experience, having served as state president for Citizens Bank Michigan as well as senior vice president at both PNC Financial Services Group and Comerica Bank.

“After seeing firsthand as an investor and deal partner the impact that Arctaris has made in the Midwest, I decided to take the leap from commercial banking to impact investing,” says Hampson.

“I see a lot of great opportunities in Michigan and Ohio, and I look forward to bringing my private sector background to build out our team locally in each region and to help fulfill Arctaris’ mission to drive equitable opportunity in under resourced communities.”

In his role with Citizens Bank he ran the Michigan market and was responsible for community activities, strategy, and growth of the commercial portfolio. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston College and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

“We are pleased to welcome Richard Hampson, with his breadth of commercial banking expertise to our leadership team,” says Uche Osuji, managing director at Arctaris. “Arctaris has a lengthy history of creating programs in Michigan, and more recently Ohio, with the intent to build community equity and inclusion while creating jobs and enhancing access to capital for growing companies.”