Retail Center, Amphitheater to be Added to Troy Hotel


TROY — New California Hotel Corp. through its subsidiary Met Hotel Partners LLC, will be expanding the operation at the 200 Room Met Troy Hotel in line with the economic improvements in the Michigan market. New California Hotels Corp. after meeting with the city on several occasions will be modifying the 17 acre site to gain advantage of the upswing in the Michigan economy, specifically in the Detroit area. The company owns other assets in Michigan.

“We are excited about the recent upswing in the Detroit area economy. Our aim is to maximize the opportunities on this 17 acre site as we’ve always considered it as having immense potential … says Remo Polselli, CEO of New California Hotels.  “We know what the city needs in this area, more retail, dynamic tenants, and a fine dining restaurant and amphitheater that can make this site a real model of development for the citizens of Troy.”

New Improvements include:

  • A 35,000 sq. foot retail center facing the property. The retail center will include a subway shop, coffee shop, dry cleaners, and other professional services; the company is in discussions with several major franchises. The retail center is located just minutes away from the famed Somerset Mall Collection.
  • A 500 seat amphitheater for performing arts centered into the Hotel Courtyard. Guest rooms facing into the Courtyard will be able to watch live events from their rooms and order food and beverage as well as enjoy patio setting.
  • A New 5 Diamond Restaurant is being considered for what was formerly the Charlies Crab Location. The 10,000 sq. ft. two story restaurant and bar will be leased out to a restaurant operator with fine dining restaurant experience in the Detroit market. The company is in talks with several operators.
  • A new name for the hotel is under consideration as well as discussions with several major franchises.

Renovations will begin in June  ending in April 2014. The property will stay open as renovations are completed.

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