Renaissance Calls On State Leaders To Enact More Aggressive Budget Cuts & Reforms

Spend less stimulus and adopt more reforms to balance the budget

DETROIT, Mich., May 5, 2009 – Detroit Renaissance, a private, non-profit leadership organization dedicated to accelerating the region’s economic growth, renewed its call today on the Michigan legislature and Governor Jennifer Granholm to more aggressively cut spending and pass long term structural reforms to right-size Michigan’s budget. The organization was responding to the projected use of nearly $1 billion in one-time federal stimulus funds to balance the budget after reviewing Executive Order 2009-22.

“As we face yet another massive deficit, again a one-time fix has been proposed that postpones the inevitable. By not acting in a fiscally responsible manner and tackling our huge structural budget deficit, our state’s reputation and business climate continue to deteriorate,” said Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Detroit Renaissance. “For over a year the business community has proposed solutions and pleaded with our state leaders to adopt strong spending reforms. We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

“We recognize that many of the 187 individual cuts included in the Governor’s Executive Order were difficult,” Rothwell said. “But, we keep avoiding making the basic structural changes necessary to prevent future fiscal instability—reducing total spending to match revenues. Nearly all of the Executive Order’s cuts are one-time reductions; they are responding to another deficit that wasn’t forecasted; and virtually no significant budget reforms have been adopted to prevent another fiscal calamity next year.” Renaissance has previously advocated for revenue forecasting, multi-year budgeting, Corrections spending, employee benefits, teacher retirement spending and health care reforms. More information can be found at:

About Detroit Renaissance:
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