Registration Open for Comau Scholarships in Detroit, Italy


DETROIT — Registration is officially opened for Comau’s Project & People Management School 2015, which will be held in the company’s global locations in Turin, Detroit, Shanghai, and in 2016, São Paulo.

Comau SpA, part of the FCA group, has been manufacturing and supplying advanced industrial automation systems for more than 40 years, in addition to focusing on the integration of products, processes and services that yield plant efficiency while reducing overall production costs.

For the young talent, 16 total scholarships are provided, eight for the Turin edition and eight for Detroit. For the Turin edition, each scholarship includes the course registration fee, accommodations and meals for a total value of around $2,800; the student will pay only the cost of transportation. In the Detroit edition, however, the scholarship will cover the cost of the course for a value of $2,200; the student will pay the cost of room, board and transportation.

Comau’s Project & People Management School, with its intensive 10-day curriculum, allows participants to learn the methods and operational tools for managing projects and people in a multinational environment. In addition, thanks to the assessment process and customized follow-up feedback, the students have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their potential, helping them to effectively prepare to embark upon their future career.

The lectures are combined with practical projects carried out by students with the help of Comau’s managers, who work with them throughout the training course.

The Project & People Management School offers students the opportunity to enjoy a unique multicultural experience. During the first two years of the program it was attended by more than 90 students from various universities around the world.

Participation in the Project & People Management School, with the possibility of gaining academic credit, contributes to the completion of study programs, in addition to being an interesting opportunity to experience the dynamics of a company in close contact with managers from all over the world.

This year the school will be presenting some new items and different focuses. In Turin, the focus will be on “Made In Italy” to engage foreign students and arouse their curiosity about this subject. In Detroit, the focus will be “Working Abroad,” designed to show young people how many countless and valuable experiences working abroad can give them. Finally, in Shanghai and São Paulo the focus will be “Multiculturality” —multiculturalism as corporate added value.

Registration is now open until April 8 for the courses in Turin, Detroit and Shanghai, while for the course in São Paulo registration will close on Oct. 30.

To take part in one of the four courses, you can register on Comau’s website: For more information: