Pure Michigan Continues to Attract Out-State Visitors


LANSING — Lodging and tourism businesses that track where tourists come from, reported a 62 percent increase in visitors from other states over the Fourth of July. “These results are further evidence of the effectiveness of the award-winning Pure Michigan campaign,” said Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association President Steve Yencich. 

Twenty percent of MLTA members responded to the survey.  Of those businesses reporting increases, more than one third saw travel from other states increase between 1-24 percent. Twenty seven percent saw tourism from other states increase between 25-49 percent. Twenty four percent of business respondents saw increases between 50-75 percent. The remaining respondents saw visitors from other states increase by over 76 percent.

“More tourism means more jobs for Michigan residents, and not just in the tourism sector,” Yencich said. “Increased tourism generates more business for food and beverage companies, linen suppliers, marketing firms, gas stations, movie theatres, and many others. “

“Just as important, last year every dollar invested in Pure Michigan returned $5.76 in tax revenues to the state to help fund schools, road repair, and other essential state services,” Yencich said. “Pure Michigan promotes a stronger state economy.”