Public House in Ferndale Adds Megan Shaw to Management Team

Megan Shaw
Courtesy of Hometown Restaurant Group

Hometown Restaurant Group in Ferndale announced pop-up creator Megan Shaw has agreed to join the management team at Public House in Ferndale, where she will oversee its vegan kitchen, develop seasonal menus, and help manage front-of-house operations.

Shaw is a veteran of the metro Detroit restaurant industry, including Public House sister restaurants One-Eyed Betty’s and Pop’s for Italian, and co-founded vegan pop-up Street Beet with her former business partner, Nina Paletta.

Following the closure of Street Beet earlier this year, Shaw began working with Public House as a consultant to help update its vegan menus, which were released in June. She will officially join the management team at Public House starting on July 18.

Focusing on plant-based comfort food with a twist on mainstream fast-food offerings, Shaw has had a hand in some of the most creative vegan offerings in the area. The goal is to provide more plant-based options that can stand up against traditional comfort food flavors.

“It’s good to have more options. It’s good for everyone,” says Shaw. “I mostly make comfort food, and I like to do mocks of things that aren’t vegan. The goal is to create food that people miss eating. You can make healthy vegan food at home, but when I go out to eat, I like to eat a fried chicken sandwich.”

In addition to creating seasonal menus and overseeing vegan kitchen operations, Shaw will be working with front-of-the-house staff on training. Guests can expect to see a variety vegan features and specials, as well themed menu takeovers in the future.