Production Begins on the ROUSH 2013 Mustang Predator


tHOWELL — MWW Automotive Group (OTCQB: MWWC), a design, engineering, and manufacturing firm serving the world's automotive and industrial manufacturers, announced today that it has begun component production for the ROUSH Performance 2013 Mustang Predator.

tIn addition to the ROUSH/Ford package, MWW will also be supplying ROUSH Performance retail components for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Mustangs, designed and manufactured by ROUSH and painted in MWW's "Class A" automotive painting facility in Baroda, Michigan.

tAs previously announced, after months of review for the OE/ROUSH certification of MWW's Colortek "Class A" painting facility and finished product quality evaluation by ROUSH technical teams, ROUSH Performance Products has decided to award their production painting to MWW Automotive. This is MWW's second production launch for ROUSH Performance. Included in the packages are Front Fascia Systems, Hood Scoops, Rear Spoilers and Window Louvers. 

tMWW has now been certified beyond its already existing ISO certification by ROUSH Performance technical and management teams for its production process, quality control systems and logistics capabilities and has already delivered products from the first production run to ROUSH. In addition to the components for the new ROUSH 2013 Mustang Predator, MWW will also be producing several components for ROUSH's existing Mustang accessory component line for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 models, expected to have large sales volumes. MWW is very strongly committed to this new relationship and thrives to continuously deliver the highest quality product to ROUSH. MWW is looking forward to consistently meet and exceed its client's expectations and establish a long lasting relationship for the benefit of both companies."