Poll: Weight Watchers Named 'Plan of the Year'


FARMINGTON HILLS — Weight Watchers has built a foundation that should help it remain America’s top-rated weight management solution well into the future, according to a recent report released by Harris Interactive, a New York-based market research company.

Results of the 2012 Harris Poll Equitrend study showed that “when Americans make commitments to get healthy and look for a formal weight management program, Weight Watchers, the Weight-Loss Plan Brand of the Year, is the most likely candidate,” according to the report.

The report cited the company’s high level of:

• Familiarity

• Positive perspectives from members attempting to lose weight

• Future level of success

• Likelihood of recommendation

“Weight Watchers excels in emotionally connecting to consumers,” the report stated, “so whether consumers need to lose a few pounds to boost self-image or keep a commitment to maintain a healthier lifestyle, they think of Weight Watchers.”

Florine Mark , president and CEO of Farmington Hills-based Weight Watchers Group, is happy with the results, but not surprised. “Members’ health has always been a top priority for us. If people eat right and get some exercise, people will look and feel their best.”