PNC to Host Photo Exhibit at Cranbrook Institute of Science


BLOOMFIELD HILLS — PNC will present National Geographic’s captivating “Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment” photo exhibition at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Sept. 14 through Dec. 30.

“Women of Vision” features the influential work of 11 award-winning female photojournalists in nearly 100 photographs. The images present views of far-flung cultures and social issues, such as child marriage and 21st-century slavery.

“The photos capture evocative, and sometimes stark images of a world most of us never see,” said Ric DeVore, regional president. “The remarkable work of these 11 photographers is sure to elicit emotional responses from everyone who tours the exhibition. Just as important, “Women of Vision” may inspire the next generation of young women to pursue their professional aspirations, no matter the field.”

In addition to the photographs, visitors will have an opportunity to learn how National Geographic magazine picture editors work closely with the photographers to select images and tell a story. Video vignettes will present first-person accounts that reveal the photographers’ individual styles, passions, and approaches to their craft.

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