Pinkerton Opens New Office in Seattle


Ann Arbor-based Pinkerton, a global, historic risk management agency, has opened its newest office in Seattle to serve as headquarters for the organization’s Global Risk Group.

 “As we continue to identify new ways to effectively and efficiently provide regional support for our clients, our new Washington location and headquarters of the Global Risk Group will be a valuable asset,” says Brian McNary, vice president of Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group. “The enhanced support that GRG will provide us with results in an unmatched, all-source situational awareness, fueling enterprise planning, preparation and response decisions.”

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Pinkerton’s new branch, which will be its second location in Washington state, is located in Seattle’s growing north-end technology research corridor and is Pinkerton’s North America Regional Intelligence Center, and serves as the company’s technical, tactical, strategic, and R&D intelligence program.

McNary says the Global Risk Group’s mission is to provide protective intelligence support to all facets of Pinkerton operations worldwide, and directly support the embedded and outsourced intelligence needs of its clientele.

Pinkerton, which traces its roots to 1850 as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, has pioneered some of the most important practices in risk management, such as serving as the forerunner to the U.S. Secret Service and creating the first criminal mugshot database. Today, the company now offers holistic risk management services, such as corporate investigations, risk assessments and consulting, and crisis management, and disaster response.