Phoenix Theatres First in Michigan to Install 3D DOLBY® Digital Projection

Neighborhood Theatre Chain Adds Projection Technology First used by Automotive Industry, in Time for the “Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience”

Farmington Hills / Monroe, Mich., February 17, 2009 – Phoenix Theatres has developed a reputation for being progressive in the marketplace by adding innovative features designed for continuously improving the moviegoers’ experience – and that evolution continues today with the announcement of installing Michigan’s first DOLBY® Digital 3D Cinema projection units.

Movie production companies are coming out with a more aggressive schedule of 3D choices this year (at least 13 in 2009 alone and more beyond) and Phoenix Theatres is prepared.  The new DOLBY® Digital 3D projection will blend perfectly with the DOLBY digital sound technology already in place at Phoenix’s Farmington Hills and Monroe locations – utilizing the most trusted name in commercial-grade theatrical technology to achieve maximum entertainment as each film’s director and actors intend to provide.

“The digital 3D movie experience is not just very compelling and unique — as viewers inevitably grab at thin air, and pull back from objects their senses believe are jumping off the screen at them — it’s an entirely different movie-going experience than traditional films,” said Cory Jacobson, co-owner of Phoenix Theatres, an independently-owned movie theatre chain in southeast Michigan.

“In 3D the events onscreen are as close to real life as possible, but even more, they’re larger than life. 3D causes an exhilarating response from movie watchers like no other, which is especially important in this age of HDTV and other advancements in electronic entertainment becoming commonplace. Hollywood is responding to the growth of leisure choices and Phoenix Theatres is responding with capital investment for our customers.”

Co-owner Charlie Murray explained, “The DOLBY 3D process was technology originally developed by Daimler-Chrysler to provide 3D images of automobiles in the design phase. DOLBY adapted this technology for commercial use in motion picture presentations and the result is a 3D experience that is light years beyond anything we have ever seen.”

The “Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience” opens Thursday night February 26 with a special advanced 12:01 midnight premiere showing and the regular engagement starts Friday, February 27. Other 3D films coming out in 2009 and 2010 include: “Monsters vs. Aliens” (Reese Witherspoon), “Up” (Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger), “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah), “G-Force” (Nicholas Cage, Penelope Cruz), “A Christmas Carol” (Jim Carrey), the re-mastering of the two original classic “Toy Story” (Tim Allen, Tom Hanks) films into 3-D experiences, plus James Cameron’s long awaited science fiction epic “Avatar.”

DOLBY 3D Digital Cinema delivers an impressive 3D experience that provides realistic color and a sharper, clearer image powered by a 6,500 watt xenon lamp. In addition, the technology behind DOLBY 3D offers audiences a truly great 3D experience from every seat in the house.

As a reflection of what Phoenix Theatres’ customers have come to expect over the years, Jacobson and Murray were the first Southeast Michigan movie theatre owners to:

  • Offer free refills on all drink sizes and free large popcorn refills
  • Create self-serve drink stations for added service speed, convenience and personal mixing choices
  • Combine ticketing and concession purchases into one to eliminate a two-line wait
  • Provide online tickets that the customer can print at either home or the office, and/or email them to friends

Phoenix Theatres opened its first location in April, 2001 in Detroit, making it the only first-run movie theatre at the time in the city of nearly one million people – a fact which drew national media attention to the theatre complex on Eight Mile Road near Van Dyke. In 2003, owners Cory Jacobson and Charlie Murray opened a second Phoenix Theatres, in Farmington Hills along Nine Mile Road. In late 2007, the Monroe location was re-opened after being shuttered as inoperable by a national chain. In all three cases, Phoenix saved and refurbished theatres previously-operated and closed by national chains, returning neighborhood theatres and their unique capabilities and offerings to each respective community.

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