Penske Automotive Appoints New Board Director


BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Penske Automotive Group Inc., an international transportation services company, announced that Kanji Sasaki has been appointed to its board of directors. Sasaki fills a vacancy created by the resignation of Yoshimi Namba from the PAG Board.

Sasaki brings 22 years of service with Mitsui & Co. and related companies to the PAG board of directors. During that time, Sasaki has held various positions at Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Japan), most recently serving as the General Manager of Mitsui’s First Motor Vehicles Division, Second Business Department. Prior to that, he served as a General Manager in Mitsui’s Motor Vehicles Americas Division and also served as senior vice president, secretary and treasurer for Hino Motors Sales U.S.A. Sasaki served in various capacities with Mitsui.