Parjana Unveils New State-of-the-Art Drilling Rig


TROY — Parjana Distribution LLC celebrated its first anniversary. This Detroit-based company, which has grown to 15 employees this year, will be revolutionizing water management not only in the Detroit area and Michigan, but throughout the world.

This water mitigation technology which is the brainchild of Polish inventor Andrew Niemczyk, eliminates standing surface water which is not only the cause of approximately 80 percent of the deaths in developing nations (through disease), but is the cause of lost crops for farmers, crumbling roads and highways, leaking basements and foundations,  and numerous other issues. This is done cost effectively and without the use of electricity or fossil fuels as it pulls the water into the ground naturally by using the Earth’s own hydrostatic pressure.

The added benefit of this surface water mitigation technology is that it can help to regenerate the world’s water table on a large scale. Since the human population is removing water from the ground faster than nature can replace it, fresh water is disappearing not only from our lakes and rivers, but on a larger scale from under the Earth’s surface.  This is causing such far reaching affects as deserts becoming more prevalent, sink hole events (such as those in Florida) occurring more often, and in some drastic cases, entire cities sinking.

For this new Parjana technology to begin working effectively, it must be efficiently inserted into the ground. This is why today is a day that will change history.  Parjana Distribution, LLC along with Net Force One, has unveiled its new NF-001 drilling rig in Troy.  This state-of-the-art drilling rig will allow installers to insert the Parjana technology into the ground at speeds never achieved within standard drilling apparatuses in the past.