OnStar Using Creative Channel Services' CyberScholar Online Learning Resource

Retailers and consumers Can Learn about OnStar’s New “For My Vehicle” Product on CCS’ CyberScholar Retail Network

DETROIT — Creative Channel Services (CCS), a leading retail marketing agency, today announced that OnStar has chosen CCS as its online learning partner to support OnStar’s recently released For My Vehicle (FMV) product. Information on OnStar FMV is being distributed over CCS’ CyberScholar Retail Network, the free online training resource used by thousands of retail salespeople nationwide.

OnStar FMV is available at select retailers and dealers that offer automobile electronics installation services. On CyberScholar, salespeople can learn about FMV’s features and services – such as automatic crash response, OnStar Advisors 24/7 services, roadside assistance and turn-by-turn navigation services.

OnStar has been available on new GM cars since 1996. The new FMV system opens a whole new market for OnStar, with more than 90 million vehicles on the road today compatible with FMV. FMV will cost $299 (plus installation) and replaces the rearview mirror in compatible cars.

“CyberScholar is an extremely convenient resource for our retail partners nationwide to learn how to sell OnStar FMV,” said Greg Ross, vice president of business extensions, OnStar. “As our retail initiative grows, we are glad to have an experienced partner in Creative Channel Services to help with our retail success.”

“Creative Channel Services is expanding into new markets and product categories,” said Andy Restivo, CCS’ president and CEO. “The OnStar partnership is exciting as it highlights the first 12-volt product on CyberScholar outside of audio solutions. This has helped foster conversations with a new set of retail and manufacturer partners.”

CyberScholar, the No. 1 online retail learning solution, consolidates product information from multiple manufacturers to a single resource that is easily accessed by the people who engage directly with consumers to sell products. In 2010, the entire CyberScholar Network reached more than 260,000 retail sales associates in over 13,000 store locations, and tallied nearly 8 million passed training-module completions. For more information visit www.CyberScholar.com.