Nuspire Networks Provides Security Solutions Against Global Cyber Attacks


COMMERCE – The end of October brings the close of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Each October the National Cyber Security Alliance partners with organizations to promote network security awareness to business and the general public. One such network security provider is Nuspire Networks.

October proved to be an eventful month in cyber security. Network security breaches have been on the rise with no data suggesting that they will slow down in the future. In fact, many experts expect the attacks to increase by double digits while continuing to become more sophisticated.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Ben Ramirez has been compiling data for the upcoming Frost & Sullivan report, “Strategic Methods to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)”. In the report Ramirez found that APTs account for approximately one-third of all cyber-attacks globally, and their numbers are expected to increase by double digits by the end of 2012.

Nuspire Networks Senior Network Security Engineer Tim Gallagher understands firsthand the challenges of protecting critical networks. Gallagher heads Nuspire’s Security Analytic Team charged with identifying cyber threats on Nuspire’s client’s networks which spans 82 countries across the globe.

“Hackers have many chances to fail at breaching a network; it’s often a very deliberate process for them,” said Gallagher. “As a managed security service provider we only have one chance to prevent them from breaching the network. Human analytics are the key component for both sides; our mission is to have best and brightest on our team.”

Enterprise networks are not the only computer systems at risk. Earlier this month Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta warned that the United States was facing the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor”. He also stated the country’s infrastructure was becoming increasingly vulnerable to foreign hackers; critical systems could be breached, including financial networks, the nation’s power grid and government systems.

According to a recent release by The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Chronology of Data Breaches, seventy-six government and military network data breaches occurred in 2012 in which 9.8 million records were taken.

“This is the new norm with ongoing attacks against enterprise and government networks. It’s not a question of if your network will be attacked but rather when and how many times. Proper security awareness, procedures and protection are essential now,” said Gallagher.