Nstein Technologies Named to EContent Magazine’s 100 List

Company recognized for Content Management, Classification & Taxonomy

MONTREAL, Quebec, December 9, 2009 – Nstein Technologies Inc. www.nstein.com (TSX-V: EIN), a leader in digital content management solutions for information-rich enterprises, today announced that it has been named to EContent Magazine’s 100 list for the sixth time. This special issue of Econtent magazine is devoted to recognizing the leaders in the ever-changing information-management industry. This year, Nstein was recognized for its Content Management and Classification & Taxonomy solutions, represented by its Web Content Management (WCM) & Digital Asset Management (DAM) products, each supported by its patented Text Mining Engine (TME) technology.

“On these pages,” said Michelle Manafy, editor-in-chief of EContent Magazine, “we name the companies (and the key products for which we are recognizing their accomplishments) that we believe demonstrate continued leadership in the content industry, as well as those whose innovation foreshadows all that digital content has to offer.”

Nstein’s WCM and DAM products account for its recognition in the Content Management category, the former being designed for web publishing and the latter used for asset management and enterprise content management. Nstein’s TME, which powers both WCM & DAM falls into the Classification and Taxonomy category, as it converts unstructured data into structured, nuanced information, identifying context, concepts, categories, people, places, organizations, sentiment and more.

“Nstein is proud to be recognized by EContent Magazine for this sixth time” said Nstein CEO Luc Filiatreault. “We continue to refine our text analytics algorithms and taxonomies to support information-rich companies regardless of industry. Nstein’s TME has evolved significantly over the years, and its core benefits of increasing findability & visibility, improving search and ultimately turning data into knowledge can now be enjoyed by any content-rich enterprise. Simultaneously, Nstein continues to optimize its products to ensure the best user experience.”

“This will be a year in which organizations must put the tools to work,” said Manafy. “Engaging new customers, satisfying (and keeping) existing ones, maximizing knowledge assets, and delivering content to employees, customers, and information seekers when they need that content to get the job done, all to deliver demonstrable value to the bottom line.”

“Nstein is poised to meet the challenges 2010 represents,” continued Filiatreault. “Now, more than ever, publishers and other information-rich enterprises need Nstein’s solutions to regain control over their content, whether their needs are eDiscovery, increasing site traffic or boosting ad revenue, Nstein’s suite can help, by laying at the foundation of any digital strategy. This is in part why we just launched 3S, our Semantic Site Search, to offer our customers a flexible, turn-key search engine designed for online revenue generation.”

About Nstein Technologies Inc.

Nstein Technologies (TSX: EIN) provides next-generation content management solutions that help information-rich enterprises centralize, understand, and manage vast amounts of content. At the heart of Nstein’s solutions, semantic analysis allows information to be easily found and packaged together – so it can be connected to the right internal and external audiences. Nstein’s Content Management and Web Publishing solutions both rely on Nstein’s patented Text Mining Engine for semantic & text analysis. This unlocks content’s value and allows clients (from an array of different industries) to leverage existing content to: create and deliver new products; facilitate internal and external research and knowledge sharing; and reduce content-related costs.

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