Nice Timing: Luxury Watches Inspire Cadillac XTS


DETROIT — Cadillac sought out inspiration for the award-winning interior of their 2013 XTS luxury sedan in the creative use of metal finishes and styling curs in luxury watches.

XTS designers, who often look to fashion and other industries for trends in consumer preferences, applied two different chrome finishes to the interior. Satin-finished chrome accents adorn larger elements in the car, including along the doorsills and the instrument panel. The goal of these is to create a warmer, more inviting interior and contrast with other finishes such as wood and leather.

Similarly, smaller, polished chrome elements, such as the air vents, contrast with the larger satin-finished chrome pieces.

“The luxury watch industry plays with many metal finishes in its designs,” said Marie-Camille LeCoq, lead creative designer who helped execute the XTS interior. “They play with matte, satin, bright chrome and aluminum in beautiful ways, so it was natural to draw influence in a way that extends into the Cadillac XTS the look and feel of the objects consumers interact with in their everyday lives.”  

The interior of the XTS luxury sedan is one of the more modern and sophisticated interpretations of the brand’s Art and Science design philosophy.

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