New Website Promotes Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Bus


TROY — Altair ProductDesign has partnered with Media Genesis to develop a website for its BUSolutions project and the world’s first series hybrid hydraulic bus, the LCO-140H.

Altair’s technology and design process were used to make the LCO-140H the lightest bus in the industry by taking an innovative approach to every part of the vehicle, from the flooring and seats to the body and chassis. The LCO-140H is twice as fuel efficient as standard diesel buses and is 30-percent more fuel efficient when compared to current diesel-electric hybrid buses. It also has a lower cost of ownership than other hybrid buses, costing an estimated 30-percent less over the lifetime of the vehicle.

The website,, was developed by Media Genesis to highlight the advanced features of the vehicle as well as promote the BUSolutions project. The project is an effort to revitalize public bus transportation through an advanced development initiative with both public and private partners. Visitors can learn about the LCO-140H and the BUSolutions program, view images and videos, and download collateral, including fact sheets.