New Website Engages Public in Plan to Create a Better Future for Michigan


DETROIT, December 4, 2009 – Business Leaders for Michigan is pleased to announce the launch of, a public education and advocacy website for the Michigan Turnaround Plan. Michigan’s largest job providers and Universities have united behind the plan which is aimed at making Michigan a top ten state for job and economic growth. To get there, the plan lays out the case for change, sets achievable goals, identifies specific action steps, and explains the impact of change.

The website gives supporters access to directories that allow direct contact with their legislator or local media to express support of the Michigan Turnaround Plan. Features also include sample articles for newsletters, a way to request speakers, and the ability to make financial contributions to the Michigan Turnaround Plan Fund established by Business Leaders for Michigan. The Fund will be used to help with efforts to raise public awareness and gain support for the Michigan Turnaround Plan.

“It’s time for Michiganians to stand united as one Michigan behind one goal, to make Michigan a Top Ten State for jobs and is a tool for educating the public and getting them directly involved in Michigan’s future,” said Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan. “It’s going to take the work of government, business and the civic sectors to turn Michigan around. But we are committed to putting energy behind raising public awareness and calling for concrete actions to transform our state.”

“Whether you consider yourself a liberal, a conservative or someone in the middle, the Michigan Turnaround Plan provides action plans and goals behind which all Michiganians can unite for our state’s future,” said Rothwell.

Business Leaders for Michigan’s plan for 2010 is to build support for the Turnaround Plan, advance a legislative agenda to get some of the short term strategies enacted and launch economic development initiatives to accelerate job growth

Individuals or groups interested in learning more about the Michigan Turnaround Plan and what they can do to support it should visit The site will continue to grow and expand with new interactive content, so make sure to check back often.

About Business Leaders for Michigan:

Business Leaders for Michigan is an organization dedicated to making Michigan a “Top Ten” state for job and economic growth. The organization is composed exclusively of the chairpersons, chief executives or most senior executives of the state’s largest job providers and universities that provide over 300,000 jobs in Michigan, generate $1 Trillion in annual revenue, and serve over 130,000 students.

For more information about the organization, visit

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