New Video Game Genre Revolutionizes Reality TV While Capitalizing on Michigan Entertainment Tax Incentives


BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Aug. 13, 2009 /PRNewswire/ –, an all-new Detroit-area game development studio is creating a new genre in entertainment, RPTV, or Role Play TV. RPTV is reality-based TV in which gamers use video game play to determine the show storyline.

“This is a game industry first,” says creator Doug Kinnison. “During an established window of time, we’ll take the most popular game play results to drive the outcome of each live action video episode. The game will be updated every two weeks with a new map, weapons and features. A new video episode will be downloadable every two weeks to create a ten show season and will be available on the major consoles.”

“We know how much gamers love technology so we’re designing RPTV to incorporate their PC, game console platforms, TV and even their phone,” added Director of Game Development Jon Gagnon. “Viewers can truly engage with the storyline by playing the game. This is going to be an unparalleled entertainment experience.”

P15 is entering pre-production with the first RPTV series, “Tears of God,” a sci-fi thriller, first-person shooter. “As a director you think, well every things been done, but then you find something like this,” says the Video Director Nate Andersen. “Although the story behind Tears of God isn’t totally new, the idea of convergent media through games and video is cutting edge.”

P15 Studios, through its subsidiaries will release a series of iPhone games this holiday season as a test for using the Michigan entertainment tax incentive. “It’s about building industry in Michigan,” added Kinnison. “I think it’s important that game studios know the tax incentive applies to games and not just films. If Michigan is going to grow, it’s going to be through innovation, new ideas and industries, not clinging to old business ideals.”

Doug Kinnison is founder of P15 Studios. He is a graduate of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan and worked the past eight years at Utah-based software development companies. “When a new game comes out, the first thing people talk about is how it looks, and storyline takes a back seat, we’re changing that.”

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