New Search Engine Helps Support Local Businesses


ROYAL OAK — A new search engine — —  is hoping to make it easier than ever to support local businesses.

“We bring top sites like Yelp, GroupOn, Angie’s List, and Survey Monkey all under one roof, and make it affordable for businesses – making them more competitive in the local market,” said Michael Sacha, CEO and founder of supports Michigan businesses by providing online tools needed to effectively market, track, and grow on a platform that engages customers, vendors, and suppliers. Users of the site can write reviews directly on company profiles using their Facebook account, stating their opinions to express their satisfaction. This allows businesses to get immediate feedback, as well as letting consumers voice their opinions.

Consumers, not just businesses, benefit from, Sacha said. This is the perfect site for consumers that desire good deals, but aren’t willing to sacrifice quality and character of the products they purchase. Provided on the website are Daily Deals, electronic coupons that offer services and products to consumers, but at drastically discounted prices. Daily Deals make it simple to try new products and services, while saving money and fostering growth within the Michigan economy.

We recently redesigned the site to make it more user friendly for both consumers and businesses,” Sacha said. “We plan to continue to build on the site, making it more dynamic and engaging.” With more than 1.5 million consumers reached within the first two months of launching, can only continue to expand and spur growth in the Michigan economy.