New Sales Calls On Fire 1.0 App for iPhone


WHITE LAKE — CallsOnFire, the developer of Sales Calls On Fire, has just released a significant sales tool for use by iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. This is an innovative new application, one that privately tracks an individual’s sales activities and selling behavior plus sales goals for “Almost Any Sales Professional,” as well as delivering motivational sales tips, quotes and ideas.

Sales Calls On Fire is a real-time sales activity tracker. It helps you set your sales goals, track your sales activities, and end sales call reluctance. Plus, you’ll quickly put an end to call reluctance, eliminate prospecting procrastination and stop serious sales slumps.

“Sales Calls On Fire was created specifically because I personally wanted to have a way to track my own sales activity that is really easy to use” said Sandy Barris, founder and chief accelerant of Sales Calls On Fire. “Before this, I used to track my sales activity using confusing and frustrating CRM tools or with pieces of paper which I later misplaced or lost. Or I got so busy with prospecting that I’d forget to track any sales behavior entirely. With Sales Calls On Fire, it takes only a few seconds to track my sales activities and show how close I am to reaching my goals. And the best thing about Sales Calls On Fire is that it’s portable and always with me.”

While focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility, Sales Calls On Fire was designed specifically to stay out of the way. However, simply keeping track of sales activities doesn’t mean a lack of features when you need them. Among Sales Calls On Fire most noteworthy features is its quick activity and goal frequency switching. This is very useful when working on-the-go and a great time saver.

The Sales Calls On Fire development team are already planning ahead to their first major update of the app, when they will be adding graph & charts and enhanced features including Facebook and Twitter integration. As the 2013 selling season is under way, the Sales Calls On Fire app is being introduced at a 70% discount, selling for only $2.99 for a limited time.