New Legislation Proposed for Property Tax Reform


LANSING — Congress has introduced legislation today that will provide 100 percent reimbursement to counties stemming for local revene losses associated with the reform of personal property tax.

Officials say the proposed legislation will make several clarifications to the law and amend the August ballot proposal language to increase budget stability for local communities and assist businesses in creating more jobs.

“We are glad the administration recognizes the value counties provide to Michigan residents, and we are eager to partner with the legislature to spur economic growth by supporting this tax reform,” said Deena Bosworth, director of governmental affairs for the Michigan Assocation of Counties. “Replacement of this local revenue source is key to providing good communities where businesses and residents can thrive.”

These changes still require a vote in the August primary, but retain the provision that if the ballot proposal does not pass, both the tax reform and the local reimbursement reform are subject to repeal.