New IT Company Brings Flat-Rate Billing and “Green” Processes to Businesses in Southeastern Michigan


NORTHVILLE, Mich., December 3, 2009 – Small and mid-sized business owners have a new option for IT services and it isn’t your typical IT company.

Tera Networks, a division of DataFactz, a provider of IT services including data warehousing and business intelligence, opened for business in the third quarter. Headquartered in Northville, Tera Networks provides managed hosting, managed services and disaster recovery solutions for a monthly fixed price, including on-site consulting hours.

“Most IT companies work on an ‘I’ll-fix-it-once-it’s-broken’ model, which is essentially an extended warranty program,” said Krishna Kallakuri, vice president of Tera Networks. “We do the opposite. We prevent problems. Our proactive model, which includes fixing the majority of IT problems remotely, optimizes our clients’ ROI because they spend less time on computer system challenges and more time focused on their business.”

Tera Networks manages the entire IT life cycle process.

  • Designs a tailored IT solution based on each client’s needs;
  • Facilitates purchasing equipment cost-effectively;
  • Offers competitive financing and equipment leasing options that allow clients to stay current with the latest innovations;
  • Remotely manages, monitors and repairs network devices (servers, routers, firewalls, etc.) 24/7 without disruption to clients;
  • Provides 24/7 e-mail, phone, and on-site support and service;
  • Provides data removal services and options for disposing or recycling equipment.

“We provide everything a client needs for an efficient and effective IT system,” said Kallakuri.  “Flat-rate pricing offers the peace of mind that businesses are looking for, particularly in this economy where every dollar matters.”

The Tera G Initiative

Many businesses recycle paper or plastic but overlook the carbon “bigfoot” footprint in their IT departments. Tera Networks created Tera G, an initiative to help businesses find the “green” in their IT infrastructure.

Through Tera G, Tera Networks implements management practices that reduce IT equipment power consumption, saving clients time, money, and resources. It also identifies ways to reduce paper which also reduces toner and electricity usage.

For example, many clients print a copy of their employee handbook for each employee.  The Tera G method saves an electronic version in a location accessible to all employees but with secured update access for designated individuals. This saves paper and ensures everyone is reading the current version.

Tera Networks recycles clients’ used and broken technology.  It removes and destroys hard drives to prevent data loss and identity theft and sends the hard drive pieces and the remainder of the machine to an EPA-certified recycling company. This reduces the toxins and materials in landfills and, by the reuse of properly recycled materials, reduces the volume of raw materials required to produce new products. Tera Networks refurbishes salvageable systems and donates them to nonprofit organizations.

Most IT-related issues are resolved remotely through secure technologies. This reduces paper waste, travel time, and helps clients save energy costs through a centralized power management feature. This same secure technology can be leveraged for clients to enable their staff to work remotely.

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About Datafactz

Founded in 2002, DataFactz is headquartered in Northville, Mich. It is a leading provider of data warehousing and integration, business intelligence, IT consulting, and IT outsourcing services. Its clients include Walt Disney, Volkswagen of America, Con-way Freight, Darden Restaurants, Food Lion, Interstate Batteries, and Ryder Systems.

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